Competition Team Name Concepts

Do you have an upcoming Crossfit competition? Need a team name and shirt idea? Check out the LabweRx list here.

PLEASE READ!!!!! These shirts are NOT for retail. If you'd like to use one of these names and need the artwork you have three choices:

Option 1: Purchase any official LabweRx Apparel shirt from the online store and we will send you your choice of a team shirt design artwork free. 

Option 2: Donate $20 or more directly to LabweRx via Pay Pal at PayPal.Me/labwerxapparel and we will donate to a shelter on your behalf. Be sure to email us with your art request in a separate email after submitting payment. 

Option 3: Make a donation of $20 or more to your local no-kill shelter,  send us the receipt, we'll send you the basic vector art free to take to a local screen print shop. A few are concepts for the LabweRx line that never went to production.

Most shops will print small quantities of shirts for around $25-$40 per shirt.

You can contact us at


CONTENT WARNING - If you're easily offended or loved Paul Walker, leave now...


Struggle Bus

Wodder in to Wine

The Beefcake Factory

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish... Fuck Burpees (available in graphic and censored) 


 Love to Jerk




On Swole - Christmas Holiday Competition Concept

FRA-GEE-LAY Italian Designs - Christmas Holiday Competition Concept

Electric Sex - Christmas Holiday Competition Concept

Oh Swoley Night -  - Christmas Holiday Competition Concept

The Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins  - Christmas Holiday Competition Concept

Total Hookers

Swole Sistas - Giuchi Giuchi Ya-Ya Bitches

Fueled by Plants... that cows ate


Guns N Poses (Rear Team Member Names Optional)

Dirty Pirate Hookers


Masters Team - Big O.A.F.'s We're Old as Fuck

Meno Pause Squats (Women's Masters)


The Moister Hoisters

Glamour Jammers (roller derby names on back optional)


Johnny's Body Bag

Awkwardly Majestic

Wodding Crashers

Ovarian Barbarians 

The FUR-Realer Healers - Vets Saving Pets & Killing Reps 

(this was a custom comp shirt for a veterinarian duo, friends of LabweRx)

Dirty Mother Thrusters


Openly Flexual Relationship

All the way from Australia we had a request from the Darlzzz to do a custom version for their box competition.

Chalk & Squats - We're into white powdery substances and butt stuff

Armed & Hammered - These guns were made for drinking

Mammary Militia

Send Nudes

Team Snatch That

Coed Naked LaCrossfit

BFF's Breast Friends Forever - Fighting Cancer is Harder Than Any Workout

Cool Story Bro Production Company



Scuba Squad - when it's wet we go deep

Team Chips & Dales

Hard Core Unicornography



Hipsters in Lifters

The Oly-Gators

Team Dead Pull - Time to Make the Fucking Chimichangas

Total Sausage Fest

Rock Hard Café


Clams with Muscles - Go Shuck Yourself

Huge Jacked Men

Shave'n Snatch Reps or We Shave Our Snatch Reps

The Cleaning Crew

Ojo Del Tigre

Smooth Criminals

The Sex Pistol Squats

The High & Mighty - let's blaze this WOD

Box Foxes

Men's Masters - Master Blaster -We Run Barter Town

Team Clock & Balls  (Final art would NOT look like this)


Clean Freaks - Bound for Victory

The Man Buns - Squats Not Hair Knots

Thick & Rich Froning Icecream

Tear Jerkers - Tired, Hungry and in need of a Nap

The Wod'R Boys

Big Kips & Hard Nips or Kips & Nips

Team On Fire Like Paul Walker

Fizzy Lifting Drunks - Saved by Burpees like Charlie & Grandpa Joe

Jerks in a Box

The RBF Crew

The Dirty Wod'n Scoundrels

The Bold & the Booty-Ful

Ben Wall Balls - Insert them in Your Routine

[3 female team] - Girl on Girl on Girl

PVC Pipe Layers

Hakuna Tabata

[Masters] Old Glory



Team Gym Carry - you must be yoking

Hand Release Push-Up Bras

Project Mayhem - We're not supposed to talk about it

[Masters Women] Vintage Cask - Better with Age

[Masters Men] Barrel Aged - Old Man Strength Ale

WOD Moms & F-Bombs

The Deadlift Kennedys

Dave Castro Hates You


Weapons of Max Destruction

White Girl Wasted

Super Saiyan You're a Bitch

Perfect Front Rack

Call Homicide - cuz we just killed that wod

Metal Lifters 

WOD in your Box


You Wanna Tap This

Gentlemen Jacked


Ripped For Her Pleasure

Fueled by Haters

Mad Props Yo! - We gotta stay fly, I, I, I...

Danger Close


Team Rage Boner


The Miss Fits

The WOD Fathers - Let's get this done, I have to pick up my kids


WODS with Friends - Nice Rack

Team Double Under-Wire - When the girls are tamed we're in the game

The Nut Punch Wizards (Shout out to El-P from Run the Jewels)

Beauties in the Beastmode


The PR Firm (2 man/women team = Of Maxwell & Gains) (3 man/woman team = Of Maxwell Gains and Best)



Hang Cleans and Mom Jeans - Always Pull Em' High

Burns Like Syphilis

Team WOD Bukake - We've Got You Covered


Camel Toes to Bar

The No-Rep-Tilians - cuz we scaled


Worst Place Scenario

The Russian Swingers - We Putin in work...

Fitness not Citrus - Oranges are not theoretical

Plenty more... just takes time to make. More to come.