LabweRx is apparel for life, love and fitness - KILL WOD's - SAVE DOGS.

We offer a line-up of unique, creative, and intentionally irreverent workout apparel. A portion of the profits from every sale go into donations to local no-kill shelters, adoption events, fund raisers, and military K-9 service animal HONOR WOD events.

What's in a name? Well it really breaks into three parts; LAB-WE-RX pronounced Lab-Works.

Lab is for Labrador. In 2015 my yellow Labrador Brody passed suddenly from cancer. To say it devastated me is an understatement. When you lose someone you love, you pass through an initial phase of rollercoaster emotions. What you don’t realize is that these emotions are fuel and long after the ride stops, that fuel stays with you. It’s powerful, volatile and it’s eventually going to ignite. You cannot stop it, you can only direct it. You will either use it, or it will consume you and those around you. Do something positive with it. Focus it. You’ll be amazed at how powerful it can be when this fuel becomes passion and that passion is converted into action. It is healing when that action yields something positive.  

We is for the Crossfit community. Brody was part of that community. He would accompany me to the box almost everyday. People loved Brody, and Brody loved people. Unless you're part of that community it can be difficult to explain. But I'd encourage you to check it out. You'll find that contained therein is a group of people with a collective power to impact positive change. We are stronger together.

Rx is for the work it takes. In Crossfit the workout of the day (WOD) always has a prescribed set of movements, weights, or lifts. Prescribed gets shortened to Rx most of the time. These Rx WOD's typically take a significant amount of work and effort to complete. It is that element that infiltrates other aspects of life.

The mission of LabweRx is broad, but simple. By tapping the passion of the Crossfit community, we hope to:

1. Raise money for local no-kill animal shelters. Part of the profits from every item sold goes into direct donations or fund raising events.

2. Honor the sacrifice of fallen K-9 heroes in the same manner we honor fallen soldiers with HERO WOD's. LabweRx will be holding DOGS OF WAR WOD's to honor the sacrifice of K-9 service animals and their handlers that have been KIA. We hope to eventually raise money to assist military veterans and their families.

3. To pay tribute to the general awesomeness that was Brody Joshua Gooberman. I miss him. He was a loving clown, a gentle soul, and K-9 fashionista. He changed every person he met in a small way for the better.

We're a small (me) business just starting out here. Hoping to change the world, or at least the little part of it we occupy.

Go. Be. Great. Kill WOD's - Save Dog's 


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