So I'm in the process of trying to get this site up, get product off the production line, and coordinate the launch date for the site, the apparel line, and the DOG's of WAR honor WOD I'll be coordinating through Crossfit Thoroughbreds. In the meantime, here's a pic of Brody and I at the Crossfit Fort Myers box a couple of years ago. He loved going to the box. He was such a chill dog that we'd just put him in the corner on the leash and he'd chill. People would always stop by and say hello during the warm-up, or strength session. I'd even catch people who were new, or didn't really know me trying to sneak a pat on the head. Sometimes I'd ask people why they didn't bring their dogs, and usually they just said something like "my dog is crazy..." Brody had a calming warmth about him that radiated and filled the room. He was like a magnet. For a long time I tried to figure out what it was that had random people constantly coming up to him to say hello. After a few years I figured it out. There are moments in life where we experience a small piece of perfect. A sunset, a song, a line in a book, a touch. We only recognize that we're drawn toward it like gravity. Brody was a small piece of perfect in a lot of people's day. It was always amazing to watch how people interacted with him. It's one of the things I miss the most. His encounters always left a positive imprint. Hopefully this little experiment called LabweRx can do the same. Thanks for reading.

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